We are due to start beach training week commencing 20th May 2013

Whilst we remain at the pool may I remind you that parents ARE NOT ALLOWED to park down by the lifeboat station or outdoor pool to drop children off for training. Club coaches do this with permission from atlantic collage so we can free up the car park for you. We have submitted our number plates and are therefore authorised to do so.

Once we hit the beach we don't need to split training sessions anymore so they will be as follows:

First beach session: 24th May 
All nippers (sessions 1 & 2) to meet at 6pm Friday nights for training. Depending on weather conditions we they say how long the sessions will run for. They may vary in time depending on age and how cold it is! SEE INFO BELOW

First beach session: 23rd May
All juniors (Those who train on Thursday nights and those who train in session 1 on a Sunday) to meet at 6pm on Thursday nights. Sessions to run 6-7pm SEE INFO BELOW

First session back: 26th May  
Senior sessions will be Sunday night at 6pm.

Beach training information:

It is compulsory for Nippers and Juniors to wear club swimming hats during sea training, so please make sure you have one. We will have our stock with us incase you need to buy new ones.  They are £3 for a think one and £7 for the thick ones. 
The car park can be very very dangerous, especially during busy summer days, so we ask that when bringing children to training you park your car and walk your children over to sign in. Parents must sign in with theirchildren(/charges!) for junior and nipper sessions 

Please make sure you arrive to training dressed in training clothes (not
already dressed in wetsuit or bathers). By training clothes I mean clothes
appropriate for running and playing games so trainers, joggers, jumper and NOT skirt and flip flops! 
Please note that training session times are the times we will be actually training and do not include changing times, so you will need to arrive within time to get changed (10/15mins before start of session).
You'll need an appropriate wetsuit (full length that fits!). See PM surf,Porthcawl and mention the club for a discount.
- they also have a good supply of 2nd hand wetsuits if you are worried out your child outgrowing one quickly and they sometimes offer part ex- if you have outgrown a new one! 
Thanks to our British weather, it's still quite cold in the sea! So you may want to consider bringing wetsuit boots if you get cold easily. We do, however, take the weather into consideration when planning what we'll do in training sessions anyway! 

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